COVID-19 Plasma Donation Centers

Eligibility Criteria for Donating Plasma for COVID

  • Blood group match for donor and recipient
  • Donor should between 18-60 years
  • Donor should be fit in all criteria for a blood donation – HIV HCV tests negative
  • 12.5 and above hemoglobin is required
  • Weight should be more than 55 KGs
  • In females, only nulliparous females are accepted for plasma donation. Multiparous females cannot be a donor of plasma because these females have antibodies which can lead to TRALI.
  • Hypertension should be under control
  • If the donor has diabetes, they should not be on insulin
  • Donor should not have any chronic disease like tuberculosis, Cirrhosis, Renal and other similar chronic diseases
  • If the patient has tooth extraction, then they cannot donate for 6 months
  • If on antibiotic, then there should be a 72 hours gap
  • If someone has donated plasma, they can donate again after 2 weeks
  • If the donor’s result of COVID test is negative and older than 14 days, there will be a re-test of the COVID and antibodies and after that the donor can donate the plasma

COVID Warriors – Plasma Donors

Plasma Donation Centers

Mercy Mission – Mercy Plasma Helpline

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Covid 19 Plasma Matching is a website that matches COVID-19 patients with plasma donors in 10 seconds. Yes, you read that right. 10 seconds is all it takes to find a plasma donor. The website also has privacy protection built in. No personal information of our users is shared with anyone.
Given the current state of the coronavirus pandemic in India, it has become very difficult for critically ill COVID-19 patients to get plasma transfusions from people who have recovered from this virus, which is why we built a fully automated platform to make plasma transfusions available to as many people as possible.
The entire matching process is handled by computer programs. In fact, we are so confident in the ability of our matching algorithm that we promise to match coronavirus patients with plasma donors within 10 seconds of receiving their requests. Moreover, we adhere to extraordinarily high standards of privacy protection. Even when a patient is matched to a donor, we do not share their personal information with each other. Instead, we use a technique called call masking in which both are given a phone number to call that belongs to us and our platform automatically redirects their call to the person that they are supposed to talk with. This helps protect their privacy and keeps spammers out of the platform. This process is like how when you book a cab using Ola, you do not get your driver’s phone number, instead Ola redirects your call to your driver.
If you’re someone who has recovered from COVID-19, please register on our website as a donor. Your blood can literally save someone’s life. Also, if you’re worried about getting too many requests, don’t worry, our platform spreads evenly amongst our donors and takes the number of times that you’ve donated blood before into account when matching patients with donors.
Please share with this everyone you know. This website has the potential to save countless lives.

Register today to donate :

This is a website connects COVID patients to COVID plasma donors exclusively.

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    Need one unit of plasma, for colleagues father who is admitted in adreum hospital.

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