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COVID-19 Treatment Medicine, Costs and Bills of Poor Patients

Dear Philanthropists / Donors

Patients from Poor & Middle-class families who could not get a Government Quota Bed in Private Hospitals for COVID-19 Treatment are suffering a lot.

COVID-19 Treatment Medicines – Injection Remedisiver costs Rs.32400/- for 6 vials and Injection Tocilizumab costs Rs.40,000/- for 1 vial.

The Hospital Bills even at the Community / Not-for-Profit Hospitals for a patient in General / ICU Ward is at least Rs.10,000-12,000 per day which includes Basic Pharmacy, Lab Tests, PPE Kits, Doctors Consultation, etc. This varies from hospital to hospital also.

On average a patient spends a minimum 7-10 days, which makes Rs.1 lakh minimum billing. Cost of Injection Remedisiver/ Tocilizumab is extra.
At corporate hospitals, the billing is even higher.

Hence Please give priority to pay for the medicines and the hospital bills of the Poor and Needy Patients.

If you wish to sponsor the medicines & pay hospital bills, please get in touch with me. We will connect you directly with Hospitals / NGOs to pay the bills of poor and needy patients.

Ameen e Mudassar
Emergency Response Team (ERT), Bangalore

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