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Covid-19 Recovery Stories

COVID-19 Recovery Stories: Mahaboob

COVID-19 Recovery Stories: Puthige Mutt Seer Sugunendra Theertha Swami

COVID-19 Recovery Stories: Siddhamma, 110 years

The 110-year-old Siddamma, a native of Burujanahatti and a resident of police quarters, was admitted to the designated Covid hospital on July 27 and discharged on Sunday. She has five children, 17 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren.

Covid-19 Recovery Stories: Smt Sumalatha Ambareesh, Member of Parliament, Loksabha

Covid-19 Recovery Stories: Raghava, Bangalore

A Bengaluru man shared his experience of recovering from COVID-19. Venkata Raghava, who was infected with COVID-19, has fully recovered now. Raghava said that COVID-19 is like a regular viral fever and also informed that his entire family was tested negative.

COVID-19 Recovery Stories Episode 01 : Ameen e Mudassar, CEO, CIGMA, Bangalore

Mr. Ameen e Mudassar was tested positive for COVID 19 on 10 July 2020. Watch the full video to know what symptoms he had, how was the treatment, challenges faced during recovery and his message to all citizens.

COVID-19 Recovery Stories: Sudha, Bangalore

Sudha was admitted to HBS Hospital, Bangalore and is one of the thousands of Patients who are recovering from COVID-19 in Bangalore.

COVID Tales – Part 1

How did i become COVID Positive ? (Hindi)

If you get infected with Corona, it not only puts your life but also lives of your family members at Risk.

In my family, 5 more members have tested positive for COVID 19. I don’t want any family to go through the trauma we are going through.


What were my Symptoms ? What was the treatment? By Ameen e Mudassar (Hindi)

This Video explains the symptoms I had starting 1st July 2020 and eventually made me take a COVID Test on 8 July 2020.

Please look out for symptoms as early as possible. Don’t delay. It will only increase the disease.

Surendra Pati

85-year-old Cancer Patient, his Wife recovers from Covid-19

Alma Clara Corsini

95-year-old woman in Italy recovered from COVID-19 ‘without any antiviral medication’

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