Covid-19 Vaccine

Vaccine center set up, officer appointed for the benefit of people travelling abroad

The two doses of the Covisheild vaccine have been revised from 4 weeks to 12 to 16 weeks (84 days) for vaccination of people going abroad within BBMP limits. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has said that the students who travel abroad to study, those who are going abroad for work, and sportspersons heading to Tokyo for International Olympics will be administered the second dose after 28 days as directed by the Government of India.

Dr Sanghamitra, Deputy Health Officer (East) has been appointed for according permission of the second dose of vaccination for traveling abroad. A vaccination center has been set up at Bengaluru University City College premises from 22-6-2021 onwards, from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

The documents provided by beneficiaries will be verified and permission for a second dose of Covishield vaccine before 84 days, ie 28 days after receiving the first dose, will be granted. The officials have been instructed to provide

The information provided by candidates in the self-declaration certificate (Annexure 4 & 5) issued by the State Government will be verified along with documents and a confirmation letter will be provided. The letter will be uploaded to the Cowin portal and the vaccine dose will be administered. This process will be supervised by Health Officer(East). The statistics of the vaccination drive will be submitted to the Health Officer(East) every day.

For more details, contact the following officers:

Dr Sanghamitra, Deputy Health Officer (East), BBMP
Contact details: 9343793046

Dr. Gayatri, Medical Officer.
Contact details: 9591879025

Dr: Mohammed Aleef Ali, Medical Officer.
Contact details: 9880037365

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