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Strict action will be taken against Khabrasthan Management / Committee, if they do not co-operate for decent burial of Covid deceased

As the second-wave hits Karnataka, it is observed that a number of deaths are being occurred in various Districts of Karnataka, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is reported that, some of the Management Committees of Khabarastan, are not cooperating to bury the dead bodies of the COVID-19 pandemic.
In view of the above, and in exercise the powers conferred under Waqf Act 1995, it is hereby ordered that the Management Committees/Muthawallies/Administrators responsible for the management of Muslim Khabarastans Registered or Unregistered in the Waqf, shall not refuse the burial of Muslims who died due to COVID-19 pandemic. They shall co-operate with all the Nodal Officers designated for this purpose regarding the decent burial. Non-co-operation or refusal on the part of the Management will be construed as an insult committed to the deceased.
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