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Covid 19 World News – 31 July 2021


  1. China’s Worst Coronavirus Outbreak In Months Spreads To 2 More Areas
    Beijing: China’s worst coronavirus outbreak in months has spread to two more parts of the country, health authorities said Saturday, including a sprawling megacity of 31 million people.
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  2. Covid-19 pandemic: Japan widens emergency over ‘frightening’ spike
    Japan is extending a state of emergency in Tokyo and expanding it to new regions as the Olympic Games host faces a surge in Covid-19 cases. The restrictions are being imposed in areas surrounding the capital as well as in the city of Osaka.
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  3. Australia’s Third-Largest City Of Brisbane To Enter Covid Lockdown Brisbane
    Australia: Australia’s third-largest city of Brisbane and other parts of Queensland state will enter a snap Covid lockdown from Saturday as authorities race to contain an emerging outbreak of the Delta strain.
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  4. Joe Biden Says US To See New Covid Restrictions “In All Probability”
    Washington, United States: US President Joe Biden said on Friday “in all probability” new guidelines or restrictions would be imposed in the United States in response to a resurgence of Covid-19 cases.
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  5. WHO Urges Action To Suppress Covid Before Deadlier Variants Emerge
    Geneva, Switzerland: The Delta variant of Covid-19 is a warning to the world to suppress the virus quickly before it mutates again into something even worse, the WHO said Friday.
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  6. COVID-19 Delta Variant Not Specifically Targeting Children, Says WHO Geneva Switzerland: The Delta variant of the coronavirus is not specifically targeting children, the World Health Organization said Friday. The WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove said the evidence showed that the variant first detected in India was rather being transmitted among people who were socially mixing.
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  7. Canada official: Fourth Covid-19 wave possible if steps not taken
    Canada’s chief public health officer said Friday that the country could face a fourth wave of Covid-19, driven by the delta variant, by the end of summer if restrictions are eased too quickly and before enough people have been vaccinated.
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  8. Thailand bans sharing of news that ‘causes public fear’ amid pandemic criticism
    The Thai government has outlawed sharing news that “causes public fear”, even if such reports are true, as officials face mounting criticism over their handling of the pandemic. Read More

  9. UN warns hunger is expected to rise in 23 global hotspots
    FAO and WFP said South Sudan, Yemen and Nigeria remain at the highest alert level, joined for the first time by Ethiopia because of Tigray and southern Madagascar.
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  10. Walmart, Disney Announce New COVID-19 Steps Amid Delta Surge New York
    United States: Walmart announced Friday it is again requiring some American employees to wear face masks, while Disney mandated non-union US employees get vaccinated.
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