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Covid 19 World News – 30 September 2021

World News - 30 September 2021

  • New Zealand Tightens Terror Law For “Lone Actors” After ISIS-Linked Attack Wellington: New Zealand on Thursday passed a new security law to criminalise preparing a terror attack, tightening a loophole that was exposed by a man who went on to conduct a mass stabbing in the country’s most populated city.
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  • “Facade”: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Condemns US Dialogue Offer
    Seoul, South Korea: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un condemned a US offer of dialogue as a “facade”, state media reported Thursday, and accused the Joe Biden administration of continuing a hostile policy against his nuclear-armed country.
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  • The California region where Covid ‘just isn’t slowing down’
    California has the lowest coronavirus case rate in the country. But within the state, the agricultural Central Valley and rural north remain overwhelmed.  Resistance to vaccines and public health mandates, combined with the advance of the Delta variant, have triggered an explosion of cases that are pushing already strained public health systems to the brink.
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  • China hit by power cuts and factory closures as energy crisis bites
    China has told railway companies and local authorities to expedite vital coal supplies to utilities as the world’s second largest economy grapples with extensive power cuts that have crippled industrial output in key regions.
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  • Covid: New Zealand reports jump in cases as opposition calls for opening up
    New Zealand’s daily Covid cases have jumped sharply to 45 – more than five times the previous day’s number. The rise comes after several days of about 12 cases a day, and around a week after the Auckland region lifted its strictest lockdown restrictions.
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  • Afghanistan: US-Taliban deal hastened Afghan collapse, defence officials say
    Top US defence officials have said the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan can be traced back to a deal between the group and the Trump administration.  The so-called Doha agreement was signed in February 2020 and set a date for the US to withdraw its troops. Read More

  • Myanmar may spiral into a ‘catastrophe’, UN calls for urgent action
    When Myanmar’s army ousted the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1, it claimed with scant evidence that the general election her party won last November in a landslide was marred by widespread fraud.
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  • China’s Covid-19 vaccine sales drop as nations switch to mRNA shots
    The efficacy of China’s inactivated vaccines ranges from about 50% to 80% in clinical trials. But they are less potent than mRNA vaccines and questions are mounting about their effectiveness against the highly transmissible delta variant.
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  • Russia warns of blocking YouTube over suspension of RT TV’s German channel Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov called YouTube’s action as “censorship” and also said that the Russian laws were “grossly violated” by the suspension.
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  • Joe Biden agenda at risk as Democrats squabble ahead of shut Divisions among congressional Democrats threatened to derail President Joe Biden’s agenda on Wednesday  Read more 


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