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Covid 19 World News – 28 September 2021

World News - 28 September 2021

  • North Korea fires missile, says South’s military
    North Korea has fired a short-range missile towards the sea off its east coast early on Tuesday, said South Korea’s military. The test happened as North Korea’s ambassador said at the UN that no-one could deny Pyongyang’s right to self-defence and to test weapons.
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  • US successfully flight tests Raytheon hypersonic weapon
    Hypersonic weapons travel in the upper atmosphere at speeds of more than five times the speed of sound, or about 6,200 kilometers (3,853 miles) per hour.
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  • Japan set to lift all virus emergency steps nationwide
    TOKYO: Japan is set to lift all coronavirus emergency measures when they expire later this week as the infections  slow and the nation tries to reactivate its economy.
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  • China’s electricity crunch is latest supply chain threat to world
    With the power crisis moving from the factory floor to people’s homes, electricity utility State Grid Corporation of China said Monday it will try its best to avoid power cuts to meet basic residential demand.
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  • Joe Biden gets Covid-19 booster shot after authorisation
    President Joe Biden joked about his age Monday as he rolled up his sleeve for a Covid-19 booster shot, encouraging Americans to get vaccinated against the virus that has killed 688,000 in the US and for those authorized to get their booster doses for more enduring protection.
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  • Pfizer begins testing of Covid pill as preventive medicine to ward off virus
    Pfizer said that it will study the pill it is developing in combination with a low dose of the HIV drug ritonavir in people who are at least 18 years old and live in the same household with someone who is infected.
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  • Panic buying leaves up to 90% of fuel pumps dry in major British cities
    Up to 90 per cent of British fuel stations ran dry across major English cities on Monday after panic buying deepened a supply chain crisis triggered by a shortage of truckers that retailers are warning could batter the world’s fifth-largest economy.
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  • 1 dead, 9 injured after strong earthquake hits Greek island of Crete
    An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of at least 5.8 struck the Greek island of Crete on Monday, killing one person and injuring several others, while damaging homes and churches and causing rock slides near the country’s fourth-largest city.
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  • How the US vaccine effort derailed and why we shouldn’t be surprised
    Low vaccine rates may be the predictable outcome subject to entrenched social forces that have diminished American health and life expectancy since the 1980s, health researchers say
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  • Reliance In Talks To Invest $300 Million In Google-Backed Unicorn: Report
    Reliance Industries Ltd. is in talks to buy a stake in Indian mobile content provider Glance InMobi Pte, according to people familiar with the matter.
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