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Covid 19 World News – 19 August 2021

  • Sydney Rushes To Vaccinate High-Risk Suburbs Amid Delta Surge
    Sydney: Australian authorities began doling out emergency COVID-19 vaccine supplies on Thursday in the Sydney suburbs worst hit by an outbreak of the fast-moving Delta strain, as New South Wales state reported another record rise in daily cases.
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  • WHO Slams Wealthy Nations’ Rush Towards COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters
    Geneva: The World Health Organization condemned Wednesday the rush by wealthy countries to provide Covid vaccine booster shots, while millions around the world have yet to receive a single dose.
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  • Confident China Will Cooperate On Covid Origins Probe: WHO
    Geneva: Just days after Beijing rejected calls for a renewed probe into the origins of Covid-19, the World Health Organization said Wednesday it remained confident China would cooperate in the investigation.
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  • No Need For COVID-19 Booster Jabs For Now: WHO
    Geneva: Current data does not indicate that COVID-19 booster shots are needed, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, adding that the most vulnerable people worldwide should be fully vaccinated before high-income countries deploy a top-up.
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  • Vaccine Nationalism May Lead To Increase In Covid Variants, Study Shows
    New Delhi: Vaccine stockpiling by nations may strongly impact global trajectories of Covid case numbers, and increase the potential emergence of novel variants of the virus, a modelling study has warned.
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  • US OKs Covid Booster To Counter Declining Vaccine Efficacy
    Washington, United States: Covid-19 vaccination efficacy is decreasing over time, US authorities warned Wednesday as they authorized booster shots for all Americans from September 20 starting eight months after an individual has been fully vaccinated.
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  • New Zealand, In Lockdown Over 1 Covid Case, Warns Outbreak Will Worsen Wellington: New Zealanders must brace for additional Covid-19 cases from an outbreak that has plunged the previously virus-free country into a snap lockdown, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned Wednesday after six more positive tests.
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  • Pope Francis Urges People To Get Covid-19 Jabs “As Act Of Love”
    Vatican City: Pope Francis said getting the coronavirus vaccine was “an act of love” Wednesday, as the head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics joined a campaign to boost confidence in Covid-19 jabs.
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  • Biden endorses Covid booster shots as ‘best way to protect ourselves from new variants’ – as it happened
    US health officials recommended offering booster shots to all American adults who received the Pfizer or Moderna coronavirus vaccine. The US expects to offer booster shots starting the week of 20 September, and health officials urged Americans to get their third dose eight months after receiving their second shot.
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  • Delta Variant Surging In Areas With Low COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage: WHO Geneva: Circulation of the Delta variant in areas of low vaccination is driving transmission of COVID-19 around the world, World Health Organization officials said on Wednesday.
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