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Covid 19 World News – 17 July 2021


  1. Sydney Tightens Lockdown As Australia’s Covid Cases Rise
    The Australian city of Sydney on Saturday ordered a shutdown of building sites, banned non-essential retail, and threatened fines for employers who make staff come into the office as new COVID-19 cases kept rising three weeks into a citywide lockdown.
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  2. Social Media Misinformation On Covid “Killing People”: Joe Bidens
    President Joe Biden said Friday that social media misinformation about Covid-19 and vaccinations is “killing people” and the White House said Facebook needs to clean up its act.
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  3. Covid-19: Second doses run dry in Brazil’s scramble to vaccinate
    Coronavirus has claimed more than 530,000 lives in Brazil, a toll second only to the United States. Yet only about 40% of Brazilians have received at least one dose of the vaccine and just 15% are fully immunised.
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  4. Covid: Fully jabbed arrivals from France must still quarantine
    Fully jabbed travellers returning to England and Wales from France will still have to quarantine from Monday. From 19 July, adults who have been double jabbed in the UK arriving from amber list countries will not need to isolate for 10 days.
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  5. England’s Covid unlocking is threat to world, say 1,200 scientists
    Boris Johnson’s plan to lift virtually all of England’s pandemic restrictions on Monday is a threat to the world and provides fertile ground for the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants, international experts say.
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  6. No ‘return to normal’ expected in post-pandemic New Zealand – and locals say that’s fine
    As countries look for a post-pandemic pathway back to “normal”, New Zealand is making no promises – and its population seems startlingly happy with that. 
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  7. Singapore and the UK are both planning to ‘live with Covid.’ They are worlds apart on how to do that
    More than a year and a half into the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s rich nations are beginning to accept that Covid-19 is not going away — despite high vaccination rates drastically cutting the number of hospitalizations and deaths.  Read More
  8. Tokyo Olympic Village sees first case of COVID-19
    A majority — over 86% — of the breakthrough infections after COVID-19 vaccination have been caused by the Delta variant, with hospitalisation of 9.8% of such cases and fatality observed in 0.4% of cases, according to the results of a nationwide study conducted by the ICMR.
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  9. Europe floods: Death toll over 100 as rescues continue
    The flash floods this week followed days of heavy rainfall which turned streams and streets into raging torrents that swept away cars and caused houses to collapse.
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  10. I numb myself”: Hospital fire deepens Iraq’s COVID crisis
    Faulty construction and inadequate safety practices, involving in particular the handling of oxygen cylinders, have been blamed for the two hospital fires.
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