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Covid 19 Top 10 News Updates for Bangalore – 8 November 2021

Top 10 News Updates for Bangalore - 8 November 2021

  • Karnataka reports 239 new Covid-19 cases, 5 deaths
    As many as 239 new cases of COVID-19 and five deaths were reported in Karnataka, according to the Department of Health and Family Welfare bulletin on Sunday.
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  • KG classes reopen today, but many schools to wait & watch
    With the Karnataka government giving the go-ahead for LKG and UKG classes to reopen from Monday, the preschool sector that was dormant for 18 months is gearing up to keep its infrastructure ready to welcome the children. However, standalone, neighborhood preschools are in a dilemma whether to open now or watch for a while.
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  • Bengaluru air quality hits pre-Covid level in Deepavali
    Data from state pollution control board’s seven monitoring stations in Bengaluru shows that Air Quality Index values during Deepavali this year increased by 23% compared to 2020 and was almost at pre pandemic levels, reports Mrinalini Bhat.
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  • Demand for booster shots grows as soon-to-expire doses pile up
    The demand for rolling out booster shots of Covid for frontline workers and the vulnerable high-risk group is getting stronger, amid news that states and the private sector are sitting on soon-to-expire doses.
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  • Administering 2nd dose a challenge for Karnataka; only 47% covered
    Only 47% of the eligible population in Karnataka has been administered the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Health department authorities say the virus has been forgotten by a large majority of the population and not many are coming forward to take the second dose.
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  • State’s high vax coverage spurs complacency
    Karnataka has inoculated 85.9% of its population with the first dose of Covid-19 shot as on Sunday, but the high vaccination coverage is creating an unexpected byproduct — complacency among the public. Health officials have been finding that people with symptoms of Covid-19 are hesitant to get tested.
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  • State’s daily Covid cases continue to dip, so does testing
    The state’s Covid-19 case numbers continued their downward trend despite massed crowds during the holiday festival. However, the reduced case numbers are linked to low testing numbers.
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  • Zika infection cases rise to 89 in Kanpur
    Ten more people, including three Indian Air Force personnel, tested positive for Zika virus in Kanpur on Sunday, taking the total number of cases to 89, District Magistrate Vishak G Ayyar said.
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  • Question mark on Covaxin for pregnant women after WHO note
    The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) assertion that available data is too insufficient to assess the safety or efficacy of Covaxin in pregnant women poses some questions to health authorities as well as doctors here in Bengaluru.
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  • Global Covid-19 cases top 250 million, reports Reuters
    Worldwide cases due to COVID-19 were approaching 250 million on Sunday as the surge from the Delta variant eases and more normal trade and tourism resume, although some countries in eastern Europe are experiencing record outbreaks.
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