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Covid 19 Top 10 News Updates for Bangalore – 4 August 2021



  1.  Second wave still raging in country: Centre
    The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is “still raging” in the country, Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry, said on Tuesday. Reproduction Number is the average number of new infections generated by one infected individual during the entire infectious period.
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  2. Karnataka had better control over COVID-19 cases: Study
    Even though there is widespread concern over the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Karnataka progressing into a full-blown third wave if appropriate containment measures are not taken, a report by Jeevan Raksha, a public private initiative that studies COVID-19 trends in the country.
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  3. Ensuring adequate supply of doses is the biggest challenge for vaccine drive
    Karnataka has asked the Centre to share the primary list of all Covid vaccine beneficiaries to weed out duplication and to follow up on those due for the second dose. Dr Arundhathi Chandrashekar, mission director, National Health Mission, Karnataka, said if the list is made available to the health department.
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  4. Ramping up inoculations will prevent 3rd wave
    Easy transmissibility of the Delta variant of the coronavirus and the distinct possibility of vaccinated people contracting the infection during a possible third wave, has prompted the government to take a fresh look at reintroducing curbs such as weekend curfew and extended hours of night curfew.
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  5. More than half of hospitalised Covid cases were vaccinated
    About 56% of people hospitalised for Covid-19 in Bengaluru in July had at least one dose of the vaccine. Sources in the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) said that about 2,700 people were hospitalised between July 2 and 27. Of these, 1,600 had received at least one dose of a vaccine, comprising 1,200 Covishield and 400 Covaxin receivers. Read More
  6. Deja vu in Covid’s 1st epicentre
    BEIJING : The Chinese city of Wuhan where the coronavirus was first detected in late 2019 will once again test its entire population of 11 million after a handful of Covid-19 cases were detected there, authorities announced on Tuesday.
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  7. Palike: 50% B’lureans will be fully vaccinated in 60 days
    About 18% of the eligible population in Bengaluru city is completely vaccinated against Covid-19, while 62% has received at least one dose of the vaccine, Gaurav Gupta, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) chief commissioner, said.
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  8. Karnataka is 12th among states; schools see centums galore
    Karnataka recorded a pass percentage of 99.96 in the CBSE class 10 exams this year, the results of which were announced on Tuesday. The score reflected a marked improvement over last year’s 98.23%.
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  9. Doubly vaxxed? You could still be a coronavirus carrier
    The Centre for Disease Control recently changed its testing guidelines for the double-dose vaccinated, and made it mandatory for them too to be tested, if exposed to Covid-19. Health experts in India warn that those who are fully vaccinated should be extra mindful of not just breakthrough infections and transmission of infection
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  10. Covid deaths rising: Dakshina Kannada, Kolar record high mortality growth rate
    Karnataka managed Covid infections relatively well in July, compared to states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra, which witnessed a surge. However, two districts — Dakshina Kannada and Kolar
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