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Covid 19 Top 10 News Updates for Bangalore – 23 September 2021

News Updates for Bangalore - 23 September 2021

  1. Rs. 50,000 for each COVID death
    The Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday informed the Supreme Court that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has recommended the payment of ₹50,000 each as ex gratia assistance to the next of kin of those who died of COVID-19, including those who succumbed to the virus while involved in relief operations and preparedness activities.
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  2. Covishield fine, but not Indian certification: U.K.
    In an unexpected move, the United Kingdom added Indian-made Covishield to its list of recognised vaccines, but refused to recognise vaccine certificates given to those administered the vaccine in India.
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  3. Over 10 lakh doses administered on Lasika
    Utsava day On the fourth ‘Lasika Utsava’ Wednesday, Karnataka administered 10,06,767 doses till 9 p.m. With this, the State has administered 5,36,80,401 doses so far, of which 1,55,24,759 are second doses. The State had set a target of administering 15,10,000 doses.
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  4. Mysterious fever among children in Karnataka. Don’t panic, say doctors
    Doctors in Karnataka are seeing an increasing number of viral fever cases in children showing symptoms of Covid and Dengue but testing negative, raising doubts whether this is a result of mutations in the viruses.
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  5. Covid positive cases dip in Karnataka, and so does testing
    Though the number of cases has been coming down in Karnataka, it is essential to maintain a high level of testing in order to track the infection at an early stage. However, in the past week, Karnataka has seen a major drop in the number of Covid-19 tests.
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  6. Post-PM Modi’s birthday special ‘lasika mela’, COVID vaccine drive in Karnataka drops by over 90%
    Following the COVID-19 lasika mela (vaccination drive) which was held on Friday, on the occasion of PM Narendra Modi’s birthday, with much fanfare, the vaccination numbers in Karnakata dropped in the subsequent days.
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  7. Parents, AAP demand 30% cut in school fees
    After the Karnataka High Court directed private schools to reduce fees by 15 per cent for the academic year 2020-21, parents are now demanding that the government should set up a fee determination committee and come up with a permanent solution to the problem.
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  8. No plan to reduce Covishield dose gap
    New Delhi : India is not considering any decision to lower the gap between two doses of Covishield, a top government expert said on Wednesday, hours after news agency Reuters said people getting jabs at private centres may allowed to take their second shots sooner in line with a court order.
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  9. Quad Partnership On Track To Produce 1 Billion Covid Jabs In India, Says Joe Biden
    Washington: The Quad partnership is on track to produce at least a billion vaccine doses in India by 2022, US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday, asserting that nothing is more urgent than working together to defeat COVID-19 so the world is much better prepared for future pandemics.
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  10. Karnataka faces syringe shortage as Union government halts supply
    After a shortage of doses, the state is now facing a facing a shortage of 0.5ml syringes that is widely used – and preferred .
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