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Covid-19 Complete Handbook for Second Wave by Deccan Herald

The second wave of the pandemic is upon us and it is vital, at this point in time, to have the helpline numbers handy, understand guidelines and protocols, clear doubts and have the right information to tackle the pandemic.
This booklet contains verified information collated from various reliable sources available on the public domain. The source is specified at the end of each section. The following important topics are covered

How the virus spreads, Staying safe, Vaccination guide, How to double mask, Watch out for symptoms, When to seek medical attention, Who should get tested?, Home isolation guidelines, Caring for Covid patients at home, Monitoring Covid patients, How to use a pulse oximeter, Proning for breathing easy, Post-Covid follow-up, Post-Covid conditions, Self-care during a pandemic, FAQs, Myths and Facts, Helpline numbers, Covid resources.

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Source: Deccan Herald

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