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179 black fungus cases, 14 deaths in 8 Bengaluru hospitals

Mucormycosis, colloquially known as black fungus, is an infection from the mucormycetes group of fungi. It is abundantly found in natural environments, especially in soil. Though rare, this infection has been around for decades, but only impacts those with health conditions and significantly weakened immune systems because of the use of steroids.

Eight private and government hospitals in Bengaluru alone have recorded 179 cases of Mucormycosis, or Black Fungus disease, among Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 patients.

Out of these 179 cases, 54 patients have suffered vision loss and 14 patients have succumbed to death. Due to the increase in a number of Black Fungus cases, ICMR had also released guidelines to screen and diagnose to prevent fatalities.

Covid-19 Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) – Screening, Diagnosis & Management

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