COVID 19 Hospital Beds Guidance

Update : 02 May 2021, 11:30 am

10 Steps that can help you get a General / HDU BED in Bangalore Hospitals for COVID19 Treatment

Note : The following steps have been prepared in public interest and good faith by Emergency Response Team (ERT) Bangalore & . Our intention is to empower common man to help themselves. If after following all the 10 steps, still you are not able to find a bed, we request you to please keep up your efforts.

Step 1 : Make a Team. You cannot handle alone
Getting a Hospital Bed is a Team Effort. Make a small whatsapp group of doers.

Step 2 : Keep SRF ID, BU Number & Aadhar Card Ready
What is SRF id and BU Number?

Step 3 : Check Latest Status on Beds Availability under BBMP Quota

Step 4 : For Beds Available under Private Quota
From the link in Step 3, make your list of hospitals to reach out. Get their contact nos via google. There are many hospitals which are not empaneled under SAST and are hence not listed here. These hospitals do not have govt quota. They have only private quota beds.

Step 5 : Make a list of all hospitals to reach out
Please don’t be choosy. Don’t look for nearby only. Be open for any hospital.

Step 6 : Assign Hospitals to each team member.
Each team member should be assigned 2-3 Hospitals. Team member should keep checking the beds availability page (step 3) every 15 mins. He must also call the hospitals assigned to him every 30 mins. Discharges keep happening 24/7 and beds are released. For private quota beds, keen follow up with the hospital will help.

Step 7 : Take Fast Action 1 – Call Arogya Mitra
While monitoring the Beds Availability Page (step3), the moment you see BEDS are available in a hospital, call the Arogya Mitra (AM) of that Hospital. Every Hospital mentioned in the link (Step3) has Arogya Mitra. The Arogya Mitra will then tell you if these BEDS are available or not in real time. Remember beds are being blocked in seconds. Hospital wise list of Arogya Mitras –

Step 8 : Take Fast Action 2- Call BBMP War Room
If the Arogya Mitra confirms – Yes, BEDS are available under BBMP / SAST quota in that hospital, immediately call the BBMP War Room (Contact Nos. given in Step 10) to block the bed. You will be connected to the War Room Call Centre agent, request him/her to block the bed in that hospital. Please ask the call centre agent to which mobile number will they send the confirmation.

Step 9 : Which BBMP war room to call ?
BBMP has 8 war rooms for 8 BBMP zones for bed blocking. So after Step 2, first find out under which BBMP zone does patient’s address (as per aadhar) comes by visiting

If you are not able to reach any BBMP war room on the below numbers, please call 1912 and ask them to block the bed.

BBMP Zonal War Room Contact Nos.

Yelahanka Zone
9480685964 / 08028560696 / 8088128247
Nodal Officer – Dr. Rashmi 9632819836

Mahadevpura Zone08023010101 , 08023010102
Nodal Officer – Dr. Pragyan 9502322032

Bommanahalli Zone8884666670
Nodal Officer – Dr. Kumaraswamy 7349552658

RR Nagar Zone08028601050 / 08028600954 / 6363249284
Nodal Officer – Dr. Murali 9482224474

South Zone8431816718 / 08022975750
Nodal Officer – Dr. Rehan 9535586578

East Zone7411038024 / 08025355100
Nodal Officer – Dr. Akash 9886959900

West Zone08068248454
Nodal Officer – Dr. Yogesh 9448550159

Dasarahalli Zone08028394909 / 08029590057 / 08029635904 / 08029635906 / 7204869809 / 9739272048 / 7204462429
Nodal Officer – 7204869787

Step 10 : Get confirmation of Bed Booked by War Room & Reach Hospital within 4 hours.
Once the BBMP war room blocks a bed, it will call the mobile number linked to the patient as per the SRF ID/ BU Number. This number is the same number given by the patient at the time of COVID Test. Please make sure that you reach the hospital within 4 hours. Many patients get beds allocated but they don’t follow up to check with BBMP war room and reach hospitals late (after 4 hrs). In such cases, the bed gets unblocked and given to other patients. So please take action in time.

Note :
100% Beds in Government Hospitals treating COVID 19 and 50% Beds in all Private Hospitals of Bangalore treating COVID 19 which are empaneled with Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust (SAST) are open for admission under the BBMP Quota.

Team &
Emergency Response Team (ERT), Bangalore

Walk-in to CCC’s to enroll for Covid19 treatment

Update 13th May, 2021:
The BBMP has introduced walk-in enrollment at all 11 Covid Care Centres (CCC) in BBMP limits established for the treatment of Covid19 patients. The CCCS have 1,635 beds at present.
Apart from walk-in enrollment, the beds can also be booked online via Central Hospital Bed Management System portal.
The patients who would be admitted directly through walk-in will be first evaluated at the triaging centre by the doctors available.
For more details, citizens/Covid19 patients can contact
080-22493200/080-22493201. They can also call the CCC which operates 24 hours and has a nodal officers to oversee the operations.

Sl No
Covid Care Centre Names
Allocated Bed Capacity
Contact Numbers (24*7)
General Beds Oxygen Beds Total Beds
1 N.E.R.G.H Gnyana Bharati Campus R R Nagar 269 101 370 9480685070
2 Government Pre-Matric Girls Hostel Yelahanka 45 5 50 9482548218
3 Karmik Bhavan (Labour House) Daasarahalli 97 10 107 7204869787
4 Government Boy’s Art College
87 88 175 080 29618005 / 080 29618005 / 080 29618003
5 Mangala Farmer House, Hebbal (Mangala Raita Bhavana) 34 26 60 9481277493 / 080 23413555
6 Navyashree International Hotel, Egipura
Mahadeva Pura
99 13 112 9483900459
7 HAL 118 60 178 9380519485
8 Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Gandhinagar West 20 55 75 8861102643
9 Bosch Sports Complex, Adugudi South 35 43 78 7411892392
10 Blossom Multicpeciality Hospital / Vintenzin Hotel Bommanahalli 6 44 50 7892408186
11 GKVK Yelahanka 355 25 380 9482949019
TOTAL 1165 470 1635  


CCC Walk in

Hospitals only for Covid patients whose SPO2 level is below 93. The remaining patients, who are either asymptomatic or suffer from mild symptoms, have the option of either home isolation or undergoing treatment at covid care centres (CCC).
Arogya Mitra Contact Details

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  • COVID-19 Ayushman Bharat Arogya Karnataka Scheme Empanelled Private Hospitals as on 02 August 2020
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    I only hope with this initiative , every patient in need of bed gets one and patients and their family will not have any more anxiety and stress attacks . hope this good works goes smooth .

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    Got this link from a friend who used the steps and got an icu bed for needy patient within 1 /2 day.

    Great initiative, thanks. May god bless you and your team

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    Excellent compilation…very well done!! This is need of the hour.

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    Great work during this pandemic. God bless all.

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    Excellent work , congrats to covid warriors in this difficult pandemic times.

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    Great initiative guys …. very clear information and steps… I am Covid +ve but hopefully will not need a bed .. keeping my fingers crossed…

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    Great initiative keep up the good work and timely updation is must

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  • Prethish J Joseph Reply
    April 15, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    Do the citizens can avail free Government treatment in Private Hospital now in 2021. Please clarify..

    • admin Reply
      April 22, 2021 at 10:13 pm

      Yes. If they get a bed under the bbmp quota.

  • Shri mohan Verma Reply
    April 15, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    What is SRF I’d and BU number?

    • admin Reply
      April 22, 2021 at 10:14 pm

      SRF ID is given to every person who takes up RAT Test or RTPCR Test. The SRF ID comes to the registered mobile no. of the person after sample is collected and is also printed on the Test Report.

      BU number is a unique number generated by BBMP. Its generated only for patients who test positive. The Govt / private lab must upload the details of the test in ICMR portal and only then BU number is generated. Generally BU number comes as an SMS.

      However, if you donot get BU number by SMS, click on this link to get your BU number – Get BU Number

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