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Last Updated on 3rd August 2021, 11:00am

Want beds under government quota? Physical triaging must

Launch of Physical Triaged Covid Patients Hospital Bed Block Platform on CHBMS

Bengaluru city is seeing a gradual decrease in number of fresh Covid 19 cases. The last 4 days, fresh cases are consistently less than 5000 in number.
Till recently almost all triage of covid patients to decide suitability for home isolation, CCC admission and Hospitalisation was exercised telephonically through zonal control rooms or BBMP’s Central War Room. However now physical triage is slowly being adopted as a pre requisite for allotment of Hospital / CCC bed. By making, Physical Triaging as the primary source of patient evaluation over the tele triaging, more rational and optimal allocation of critical care hospital beds could be made.
In accordance, BBMP’s Covid Hospital Bed Management System (CHBMS) has now been upgraded and a detailed Physical Triage Module has been developed and integrated. Physical triage module can now be used at 16 Physical Triage Centres (PTCs) across the 8 zones of the city. These PTCs are fully functional to triage all walk-in patients to be evaluated clinically and accordingly allocate beds thereafter.These PTCs are also equipped with ambulances, which can be used to shift the patients to hospitals. The ambulances can also double up as Mobile Triage Units (MTUs) for doorstep triage of patients, who are unable to visit the PTCs, due to their medical condition.

Each PTC would have 2 doctors and 2 paramedics in each shift, with computer and internet facilities. All PTCs are attached to at least one CCC with oxygen beds. In addition, 26 hospitals are mapped across the zones for beds to be blocked exclusively from the PTCs.

The portal was used on a trial basis at 8 PTCs over the past 3 days to check the functionality. It has been working well and triage centres were able to physically triage 936 patients, of whom 678 were referred for home isolation, 186 were sent to CCCs and 72 were allocated HDU/ICU beds at various hospitals.
BBMP plans to move towards mandatory physical triaging as a pre-requisite for all patients seeking Hospital admissions. An optimal number of physical triage centres will be activated across all assembly constituencies in the low to medium case regime and this would be quickly ramped up in case of any increase in cases.

BBMP sets up 48 triage centres in Bengaluru: Patients can directly walk-in for treatment

Six additional triage centres have been added to the 26 Triage centres that have already been established to provide immediate care for Covid-infected people by means of a physical triage in the 8 BBMP zones.

At the Physical Triage Centres (PTC) a team of doctors will be working 24 hours a day to provide immediate medical attention to Covid infected people.

PTCs have oxygenated beds and are equipped with all primary health care facilities. Patients with low symptoms are also treated and stabilisation care is provided to patients.

3 doctors and 3 nurses will be working at the Triage Centre 24 hours a day. Pulse oxymeter, thermal scan, necessary drugs will be stocked to monitor the health status of the infected. Tje patients are also provided with medical kits on the spot.

Covid infected persons can come directly to Triage Centres. The centers are provided with nodal officers and a 24*7 helpline.

The doctors at the Triage Centres will assess the patients with symptoms and recommend home isolation/Covid Care Centre or hospitalization beaded on the severity of their condition.

Information on 26 Triage centres:

-26 Triage Centres have been opened in the city’s Covid Care Centres and Maternity Hospitals. The centers have a total of 2,486 beds, with 1995 general and 491 oxygen beds.

– 283 Covid19 patients were triaged until yesterday. 260 patients have been triaged in 26 centers till 6 AM today.

-A total of 991 people, including those admitted through the Central Hospital Bed Management System and those who come directly, are receiving treatment. 1,495 beds are available for treatment.

– 65 Marshalls are deployed to 26 Triage Centres.


Sl NoName of the ZonesName of the Triage CentreAddressCCC/Triage Centre/MH/OthersName of Assembly ConstitutencyRegular bedsOxygenated BedsTotal BedsName of the Nodal Officer of Triage CentreNumber of the Nobal OfficerBBMP's 24/7 Hotline No. for the Triage CentreURL
1 East Mangala Raitha Bhavan, Hebbal Mangala Raitha Bhavan, Veterinary college campus, opp CBI office, Hebbal main road, Bengaluru CCC & TRIAGE Hebbal 3 52 55 Dr. Deepak 9632074411 9480683430 CLICK HERE
2 East Dr. B R Ambedkar Medical College DR. B. R AMBEDKAR Medical college - Shampura Main Road,KG Halli Bangalore CCC & TRIAGE Sarvagnanagar 0 100 100 Dr Vijay Kumar 8197636042 9480683432 CLICK HERE
3 East Shantinagar Maternity Home Shanthinagar Maternity Home, Near Nanjappa circle, Shanthinagar Bangalore MH Shanthinagar 0 12 12 Dr. Jyothi 9742816025 9480683435 CLICK HERE
4 East Government Boys Arts College, Shanthinagar Primerose #1, Govt. Arts College Boys hostel, prime rose road, Shanthala Nagar, Bangalore-560001. CCC Shanthinagar 94 81 175 Dr. Ashwini 9845383899 9480683436 CLICK HERE
5 East Dr. B. R Ambedkar Medical College - Shampura Main Road,Kg Halli Bangalore DR. B. R AMBEDKAR Medical college - Shampura Main Road,KG Halli Bangalore CCC & TRIAGE Pulikeshinagar 75 0 75 Dr. Syed 8971762520 9480683492 CLICK HERE
6 West Dr Raj Kumar Kala Bhavan Nagpura Maid Road, 14th Main, Geleyara Balaga, Mahalakshmi Layout, Bengaluru - 86. Others Mahalakshmipuram 4 2 6 Dr Aravind 9980503368 9480683484 CLICK HERE
7 West Manvarthpete Maternity Home Balepete Circle, Bengaluru - 53 MH Gandhinagar 7 3 10 Dr Poornima 9480683781 9480683485 CLICK HERE
8 West Subedarpalya Govt School, Next to UPHC Building, Diwanarapalya, Bengaluru -22 Others Malleshwaram 4 0 4 Dr Savitha 9886620365 9480683486 CLICK HERE
9 West Govt Unani Medical College Siddaiah Puranik Road, Basaveshwaranagara, Bengaluru CCC Govindrajnagar 30 45 75 Dr Naila Rehman 9035732524 9480683439 CLICK HERE
10 West Nagaraj Maternity Home Near Ramamandira Ground, Near Bhashyam Circle, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru - 10. MH Rajajinagar 0 20 20 Dr Girish 9663633008 9480683440 CLICK HERE
11 West Govt Ayurvedic Medical College Dhanvanthri Road, Gandhinagar, Bengaluru - 09. CCC (Stopped for Oxygen Lining) Gandhinagar 3 0 3 Dr Pradeep 9980767810 9480683437 CLICK HERE
12 West Kempegowda Samudaya Bhavan Ccc, Nandini Layout, Bengaluru Others Mahalakshmipuram 25 55 80 Dr Darshan 9731709732 9480683476 CLICK HERE
13 West Jjr General Hospital Sangam Circle, J J R Nagar, Bengaluru - 26 MH Chamarajpete 0 30 30 Dr Rajesh 9740453184 9480683442 CLICK HERE
14 South Adugodi Bosch Ccc BOSCH SPORTS COMPLEX , PUKHRAJ LAYOUT ADUGODI CCC Btm Layout 48 27 75 Anilkumar 9880983448 9480683444 CLICK HERE
15 South Koramangala Indoor Stadium Ccc KHB GAMES VILLAGE , KORAMANGALA CCC Btm Layout 157 43 200 Rekha 9980889397 9480683445 CLICK HERE
16 South Vijayanagara Club 10, PIPELINE ROAD, R.P.C. LAYOUT, HOSAHALLI EXTENSION, VIJAYANAGAR, BENGALURU, KARNATAKA 560104 (started) MH Vijayanagar 5 5 10 Shivanna 9513307766 9480683487 CLICK HERE
17 South Bunts School 3RD CROSS CHIKPET LAYOUT CHANDRA LAYOUT BANGALORE MH Vijayanagar 5 5 10 Sandeep 9480685974 9480683488 CLICK HERE
18 South Medical And Engineering Hostel MEDICAL AND ENGINEERING HOSTEL. NEAR POLICE STATION.VIDYAPEETA CIRCLE.BASAVANAGUDI MH Basavanagudi 0 20 20 Nandeesh 8050531440 9480683450 CLICK HERE
19 South Gg Halli Maternity Home NEAR KEMPEGOWDA STATUE, GAVI GANGADESWARA TEMPLE, GAVIPURAM GUTTAHALLI MH Basavanagudi 7 5 12 Anand G 973811334 9480683448 CLICK HERE
20 South Carmel Convent BBMP WARD OFFICE SANGAM CIRCLE 5THBLOCK BANGALORE Triage Centre Jayanagra 5 5 10 Anusha 9164048546 9480683489 CLICK HERE
21 South Yoga Center YOGA CENTRE 10THMAIN JAYANAGARA. 3RD BLOCK BANGALORE Triage Centre Jayanagra 5 5 10 Santhosh Kumar 9632753654 9480683463 CLICK HERE
22 South Hosakerehalli Hospital NEAR RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY TEMPLE, HOSAKEREHALLI Triage Centre Padmanabhanagara 0 40 40 Chethan Naik 9964843326 9480683447 CLICK HERE
23 South Shuttle Court OPP. SAGAR HOSPITAL, KUMARASWAMY LAYOUT Triage Centre Padmanabhanagara 0 51 51 Venkata Malavaiah 9738838938 9480683465 CLICK HERE
24 South Wilson Garden Meternity Home 9TH CROSS 4TH MAIN OPP AGHADI HOSPITL WILSON GARDEN MH BANGALORE 27. Triage Centre Chikpete 0 24 24 Ranga Swamy 9902064578 6361752986 CLICK HERE
25 South Pobbathi Meternity Home WARD NO 143 POBATTI MTERNITY HOME OPP SUBRAMANYA SWAMY TEMPLE NEAR SAJJAN RAO CIRCLE V V PURAM BANGALORE 04 Triage Centre Chikpete 0 20 20 Benakesh 9448444598 9480683446 CLICK HERE
26 Bommanahalli Blossom Mulitispeciality Hospital/Vintage Inn Hotel Blossom Mulitispeciality Hospital/Vintage inn Hotel CCC Bommanahalli 50 0 50 Dr. Chandan 9901800222 9480683451 CLICK HERE
27 Bommanahalli Social Welfare Department Hostel, Social Welfare Department Hostel, HSR 1st Sector CCC/Triage Bommanahalli 50 0 50 Dr. Nagendra 9845806028 9480683452 CLICK HERE
28 Bommanahalli Capital Wood Host Resort, Capital Wood Host Resort, Anjanapura CCC/Triage Bangalore-South 0 12 12 Dr. Mohan 8217704124 9480683453 CLICK HERE
29 Bommanahalli Basava Bhavan, 2Nd Main Road ,1St Cross Begur Main Road, Hongasandra, Bommanahalli Basava Bhavan, 2nd Main Road ,1st Cross Begur Main Road, Hongasandra, Bommanahalli CCC Bommanahalli 30 3 33 Dr. Ranagarajan 9535058152 9480683454 CLICK HERE
30 Dasarahalli Jindal Govt High School ost, near Govt Hospital, Srikrupa Layout, Abbigere, Chikkabanavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560090 TRAIGE CENTRE Dasarahalli 0 3 3 Ravi Kumar 9448676356 9480683490 CLICK HERE
31 Dasarahalli Karmikara Bhavana 6th Cross, Manjunatha Nagar, Bagalakunte, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560073 CCC Dasarahalli 99 8 107 Dr John 9008435429 9480683455 CLICK HERE
32 Mahadevpura Oyo Navyashree International Hotel, Vijnapura CCC Kr Puram   75 23 98 Dr. Vaibhavi 8861012142 9480683456 CLICK HERE
33 Mahadevpura Hal CCC Kr Puram   135 43 178 Dr. Amulya M 9448079544 9480683459 CLICK HERE
34 Mahadevpura Octavia Hotel Octavia Hotel, NO 14 Village,Marathahalli road,Kaikondrahalli,bengaluru CCC/Triage Mahadevapura 39 0 39 Dr.Sharath 9620365780 9480683466 CLICK HERE
35 Mahadevpura Key House Hotel, Key house hotel, HSR Layout,KJ halli,bengaluru CCC/Triage Mahadevapura 50 0 50 Dr.Niyaz Ahamed Khan 9845706091 9480683471 CLICK HERE
36 Mahadevpura Zinc Hotel, Zinc Hotel, Chennasandra main road,Beside global school,White field bengaluru CCC/Triage Mahadevapura 50 0 50 Dr.Rakshitha 7019281595 9480683472 CLICK HERE
37 Mahadevpura Oyo Town House, OYO Town House, 5th Main road,chennasandra,OMBR layout,Kasturi nagara,bengaluru CCC/Triage Mahadevapura 50 0 50 Dr.Sacheen 9916410224 9480683474 CLICK HERE
39 RR Nagar Jnanabharathi(Ccc) NORTH EAST GIRLS HOSTEL, JNANABHARATHI CAMPUS CCC Rr Nagar 335 35 370 Basavaraj 9480685630 9480685069 CLICK HERE
40 RR Nagar Matthikere(J P Park) BBMP GIRLS SCHOOL, NO.51 12THNMAIN GOKULA Triage Centre Rr Nagar 7 3 10 Venkatesh 8892731589 9480683478 CLICK HERE
41 RR Nagar Mallathalli (Jnanabharathi BBMP WARD OFFICE, PAPAREDDY PALYA, OPP RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY TEMPLE Triage Centre Rr Nagar 0 2 2 Vishwanath 9480684039 9480683481 CLICK HERE
42 RR Nagar Herohalli SWAMY VIVEK NANDA YOGA KENDRA, BEL LAYOUT 1ST STAGE, HEROHALLI Triage Centre Yeshwanthpura 0 2 2 S R Prakash 9480683101 9480683482 CLICK HERE
43 RR Nagar Kengeri Upangar DR. BR AMBEDKAR BHAVAN, 1ST MAIN BESIDE INDIRA CANTEEN, SHANKAR NAG CIRCLE, OPP KS TOWN Triage Centre Rr Nagar 0 2 2 Basavaraj 9480685630 9480683483 CLICK HERE
44 RR Nagar Hmt NEAR SRS SIGNAL, PEENYA GOVT HIGH SCHOOL, HMT. Triage Centre Rr Nagar 17 0 17 Bheemesh 9379231908 9480683479 CLICK HERE
45 RR Nagar Kottigepalya BEHIND BDA COMPLEX Triage Centre Yeshwanthpura 0 2 2 Mohamad Azmal Arif 9900260607 9480683480 CLICK HERE
46 Yelehanka Govt Pre-Metric Girls Hostel Yelahanka opp mini vidhana soudha yelahanka bangalore CCC/Triage centre Yelehanka 40 10 50 Dr.Bhanu Prakash 8050711197 9480683461 CLICK HERE
47 Yelehanka University Of Agricultural Sciences,Gkvk Bellary Main road after hebbal Byatarayanapura Bangalore CCC/Triage centre Byatarayanapura 280 100 380 Dr.Venkatesh 9739392519 9480683462 CLICK HERE
48 Yelehanka Haj Bhavan Nagavara main road tirumenahalli Bangalore CCC/Triage centre Byatarayanapura 0 100 100 Dr.Brijesh 9964726658 9480683477 CLICK HERE
49 Yelehanka Govt High School Behind K.E.B office opp yelahanka police station yelahanka Triage centre Yelehanka 0 5 5 Dr.Bhanu Prakash 8050711197 9480683491 CLICK HERE
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