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We are all noticing that stress, fear & anxiety are on the rise as the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic surging globally and nationally.
Apart from the COVID positive cases which our medical fraternity is battling day in and day out, with the resources available to them. We have also seen many philanthropists and social workers have geared up to face this challenge.
Thus, we at Inner Peace Life Coaching, have come up with FREE COACHING SESSIONS for Anxiety and Phobias related to Death in this Month of MAY.
A team of 30 international trained and certified NLP Coaches have joined hands with Inner Peace Life and will offer their services 24/7 to help manage your anxiety & fear.
We believe that humanity has survived many calamities and natural disasters and we will stand RESILIENTLY and pass the COVID challenge o by joining hands.

If you need coaching session, follow 3 Simple Steps
Step 1 – WhatsApp Now @702 622 6222 with your name and email Id
Step 2 – Briefly describe your issue in the message
Step 3 – Hold on for few mins, IPLC coaches will get back with session details

If you want to support this Campaign, the forward this message to people/ Groups who would need Psychological and mental health counselling.

Remember, no matter how challenging the times are, with the right support at the right time we can win any battle.

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