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The entire team at www.covidhelplinebangalore.com thanks each one of you for visiting our website and using the information to help yourself and lakhs of other people.

We are getting requests from many poor patients to pay for the Hospital Bills or Medicine like Injection Remedisivir and other Prescribed Tablets. Hence we appeal that if you wish to help poor patients who are unable to bear the hospital expenses or medicines, you can get in touch with us to donate. The entire amount collected will be used only to help poor and needy patients. There will be Zero admin expenses.

  • We are not accepting any donations now.
  • If you wish to donate, kindly drop an email to [email protected] for CIGMA Foundation Bank Details.
  • Donors list with Donor Name, Place, Amount & Date of Donation will be published in this Page.
  • Beneficiaries list with Name, Purpose, Payment made to Hospitals / Pharmacies, Amount & Date will be published in this page.

Ameen e Mudassar
CEO, CIGMA Foundation
On behalf of the entire team



We are not accepting donations now. We will come back with the request once we ensure the current donations received and disbursed to the needy and patients for their hospital bills.

We thank all donors who have sent us their contributions. We are consolidating the donations received and publish them here. We are in pressing times and doing our best to do background verification of claims for hospital bills support.

We have also received donations for burials, cremations, PPE Kits, Masks and Pulse Oximeters.
We will keep all donors informed on all the developments and details. Thank you for your support.

Donations Received for COVID-19 Poor Patients Fund

Donor IDDateDonor NameCityDonation ViaAmount Donated
Total Amt ReceivedRs.2,73,500/-
CHBD2101524.04.2021Arvind KumarBangaloreNEFTRs.5000/-
CHBD2101424.04.2021Anonymous (AB)BangaloreNEFTRs.2500/-
CHBD2101323.04.2021Bharath DevanathanIndiaNEFTRs.100000/-
CHBD2100923.04.2021Anonymous (AS)BangaloreIMPSRs.20000/-
CHBD2100721.04.2021Syeda Sarah TabassumBangaloreUPIRs.10000/-
CHBD2100621.04.2021Kajal SinghBangaloreUPIRs.2500/-
CHBD2100519.04.2021Sandeep GaddamIndiaGoogle PayRs.2000/-
CHBD2100418.04.2021Vivek AnandBangaloreInstamojoRs.5000/-
CHBD2100318.04.2021Krishnan MadhabushiBangaloreInstamojoRs.10000/-
CHBD2000626.10.2020Reshma SultanaBangaloreBank TransferRs.20,000/-
CHBD2000512.10.2020Dipak DhalBangaloreBank TransferRs.5000/-
CHBD2000410.10.2020Naveen MahadevaiahBangaloreGoogle PayRs.5000/-
CHBD2000309.08.2020Mohammed IqbalBangaloreBank TransferRs.25000/-
CHBD2000202.08.2020Binu MathewsBangaloreBank TransferRs.2500/-
CHBD2000130.07.2020MohanBangaloreBank TransferRs.10000/-

Beneficieries of COVID-19 Poor & Needy Patients Fund

Beneficiary IDDatePatient NamePayment TowardsPaid ToAmount
Balance to be SpentRs.1,83,500/-
Total Amt SpentRs.90,000/-
CHBB2100122.04.2021Manjunath (Narayana Hrudalaya, Mysore)COVID19 Hospital Bill Monisha (Daughter's GPay)Rs.15000/-
CHBB2000704.11.2020AyyappaInjection TocilizumabShifa Hospital, BangaloreRs.10000/-
CHBB2000604.11.2020MunawerCOVID19 Hospital BillHBS Hospital, BangaloreRs.10000/-
CHBB2000529.10.2020Imtiaz AhmedInjection TocilizumabShifa Hospital, BangaloreRs.10000/-
CHBB2000426.10.2020ShantammaInjection TocilizumabShifa Hospital, BangaloreRs.10000/-
CHBB2000313.10.2020Sundaramma GInjection TocilizumabHBS Pharma, BangaloreRs.10000/-
CHBB2000208.09.2020Syed Tanveer AhmedInjection TocilizumabShifa Hospital, BangaloreRs.10000/-
CHBB2000122.08.2020RoselinCOVID19 Hospital BillVittals Medicare Pvt Limited, BangaloreRs.15000/-
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