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Dear friends

The entire team at www.covidhelplinebangalore.com thanks each one of you for visiting our website and using the information to help yourself and lakhs of other people.

COVID 19 second wave wrecked havoc and millions have been impacted in India. The poor and needy families not only lost their dear ones but also incurred heavy financial losses.

We are requested generous donors to donate for the COVID HELPLINE BANGALORE (CHB) Relief Fund towards the following causes.

  1. Pay the Hospital Bills for COVID 19 / Black Fungus Treatment of Poor & Needy Patients.
  2. Pay the Pharmacy Bills for COVID-19 Treatment (Injection Remdisivir / Tocilizumab) of Poor & Needy Patients.
  3. Free of Cost Pulse Oximeters to NGOs working in Slums, Villages, Rural Areas and Low income areas.
  4. Honorarium, Protective Equipment (PPE Kits, N95 Masks, Aprons, etc.. ), Snacks, Food & Refreshment to volunteers & workers involved in Burial & Cremation of COVID 19 dead bodies.
  5. Diesel Expenses, Repair & Maintenance of Ambulance used to ferry bodies to Burial Ground and Crematoriums
  6. FREE Food to Poor & Needy People who suffered due to Lockdown.


  1. The above Google sheet is automatically updated every 5 minutes.
  2. We have published all funds received till 30 April 2021. We will be publishing the full list by 25 June 2021.
  3. We will publish the list of beneficiaries and the payments made towards the different causes also here very soon.

A very Big THANK YOU to all donors once again for the Trust and confidence shown in COVID HELPLINE BANGALORE.

Ameen e Mudassar
CEO, CIGMA Foundation
On behalf of the entire team of www.covidhelplinebangalore.com

For any enquiries / clarification, please do reach out to us at 9845567687 (Ameen e Mudassar) on Whatsapp or Phone Call

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