COVID 19 Cash Relief for Patient’s Hospital Bill

Cash Relief for COVID 19 Treatment

Last updated : 02 June 2021, 08:00

Cash Relief to Patient admitted for COVID 19 / Black Fungus Treatment

Initiative by – CHB Relief Fund

Dear Friends

COVID 19 / Black Fungus Treatment at private hospitals is very expensive for the Poor & Low Income Families. Many poor have sold their belongings to pay for Hospital Bills and have become more Poor.

We at have received funds from generous donors who wish to pay for the Hospital Bills of Poor & Low income family people for their Treatment of COVID-19 / Black Fungus at Private Hospital in Karnataka.

Who can apply ?

1. Patient must belong to Poor or Low Income Family.
2. Patient must be admitted in a Private Hospital in Karnataka for COVID-19 / Black Fungus Treatment.
3. Patient who has already completed treatment, discharged from Hospital and at home is not eligible.
4. Patient admitted in private Covid Care Centres (CCCs) is not eligible.

Selection Process & Disbursement of Amount

1. Preference will be given to patients who have AAY / BPL Card / Widow / Single Parent / Lost Job / Tier 2 cities.
2. Team will do verification of details given in the below form.
3. Minimum Rs.10,000/- and Maximum Rs.20,000/- will be given to selected patients after verification.
4. The Amount will be directly transferred to the Hospital Bank Account / Pharmacy Bank Account.

Important Note

1. Team will verify the details received.
2. The final decision of selection lies only with
3. This initiative is funded by generous donors.
4. Support will continue as long as we have sufficient donations from the donors.

Ameen e Mudassar

Patient Personal Details

Investigation & Treatment Details

Hospital Details

Admission, Bed & Payment Details

Hospital Bank Details

Details of the Person who filled this form

Important Note

Team will verify all details given above by reaching out to the Patient's family and then take the final decision on selecting the patient for the Cash Relief to Pay the Hospital / Pharmacy Bills.
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  • Afreen Banu Reply
    June 16, 2021 at 9:26 pm

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly help us in your blessings & financially too. My father was hospitalized and we are struggling to arrange amount to deposit.

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